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  1. 50

    John Bird

    Trouble is Maloney can say what he wants about PM as its unregulated,
    £20,000 gold? Mike Maloney is not in charge, even if what he says is right
    he does not make the rules that are always being changed.

  2. 49

    Joe Shmoe

    Maloney is full of bologna. Wrong and Wrong! Allan Greenspan did not cause
    the housing bubble, that was Dodd, Frank and Clinton who guaranteed loans
    for EVERYONE, even those w/ no credit, job, collateral, etc. Nixon did NOT
    end the gold standard. He was forced to face the theft of FDR, Truman,
    Johnson; the 3 warmongers that spent our gold and silver. This is why by
    1965 even the silver had gone out of our coins. It was 6 years AFTER this
    that Nixon was faced w/ the French government demanding gold but IT WAS ALL
    GONE. Don’t blame Nixon, he had no choice and the plans for the
    petro-dollar were already in place. 

  3. 48

    Iniyavel Sugumar

    That’s the price the US pays for trying hard to trouble India and also for
    spreading Christianity by denigrating Hinduism. Get ready for it. 

  4. 47


    Thanks for having us Cambridge House. Great event, and congrats to Roth and
    the media team for such great production. See you in Palm Springs. 

  5. 46


    IMO. I cannot shake this thought. I believe that the Fed is going to drive
    up the price of the paper dollar,U.S… Its there only play .yes, gold is a
    great thing to have. As well as silver, due to its medical application’s
    more so. But firearms and ammunition have the greatest power of all! Why do
    you think they want to ban them.? Make any sense

  6. 45

    roh wielki

    Of courses will collapse as any other currency before. Question is if it
    will happen in 2014 or 2050 ? Pound is still here.

  7. 44


    So if the dollar collapses, won’t equities rise also? And real estate? And
    anything also valued in fiat currency. Why will the wealth redistribution
    of “rebalancing” be exclusive to gold and silver holders?

  8. 43


    A Pegasus is also a fantasy creature, hmmm. Maloney is such a fool; he
    knows so little about business he doesn’t even know owning a business is an
    investment! I guess he’s hoping people don’t realize all he’s ever been is
    a salesman. Shame on Cambridge House for including him with real investors!

  9. 42

    janet homer

    The dollar will collapse as TBTB want it to, and what they want they get,
    then they will buy up all that’s left at rock bottom prices and a few
    billion people will have perished which will be a bonus in their books.

  10. 41

    Tom Engvoldsen

    Cambridge House is great quality.

  11. 40


    They have been saying there will be a Market Crash every year for the past
    7 years now. And the only people who benefit from this are those who
    promote this. People like Mike Moloney with his Gold & Silver. Robert
    Kiyosaki with his books and lectures an so on and so forth. They all have
    one thing in common they are millionaires making money from the working and
    middle class people. The advice they will give you is never free only
    scarring you is free.

  12. 39


    Interesting interview. It’s itching at me to ask though, if the US dollar
    collapses, wouldn’t the consequences of such an event be very dire? The
    idea of restructuring all business prices around a new currency, developing
    a new currency to begin with.. those are tremendous feats, and people will
    be scared.

  13. 38


    I hold a little physical, but only as part of an insurance policy against
    the total collapse of fiat currencies. Before you do any kind of investing
    though, best to ensure you are debt free would be my advice.

  14. 37

    Silver Geordie

    A representation of a broken promise, so nicely put. 

  15. 36

    Lorenzo Vieira Alves

    Good one guys!

  16. 35

    John Howard

    I can’t imagine a total collapse of the US dollar but if there is a
    compelling argument to allow free markets to work, #mikemaloney makes a
    pretty good one.

  17. 34


    I wonder if the negative comments are from people who have an agenda. All
    fiat currency fails. The Feds are printing billions of dollars per month,
    there has been a collapse every 8 years since the 1990? You can’t keep on
    printing fiat currency and except that things will remain good. Much of the
    world is in terrible economic shape. To those of you who continue to buy
    silver and gold, please continue doing so, for you won’t be sorry.

  18. 33


    Silver is at the same price it was 6 years ago!
    Maloney has been wrong for 3 years now, that’s a long time to be wrong!
    Like any other asset class, buy low, sell high, use charts and do your own
    research, not when Maloney wants another sports car!

  19. 32

    Iniyavel Sugumar

    The US is spending a sum of $100b every year to spread Christianity in
    India. Make your Government stop doing that, if you have an idea of
    surviving in the near future. 

  20. 31


    Mike Baloney

  21. 30

    Dietrich Schmitz

    *The US Dollar WILL Collapse*

    Mike Maloney: The US Dollar WILL Collapse!

  22. 29


    Who is this “Mike Ma-phony” he’s just saying what all these “Gurus”
    say.don’t worry people I have an Island you can all come to….It’s called
    “the Isles of don’t give a fuck” join me and live in bliss lmao.

  23. 28


    I believe that the US Dollar IS already collapsing. So perhaps it will
    slowly Wither and Die instead of just Imploding.

  24. 27


    You can see the Silver Pegasus that Mike mentions being made here: Silver
    Pegasus – World’s Most Beautiful Silver Coin Or Round it’s a cool video. 

  25. 26

    Lee Smith

    I have read through some of these comments, all going back and forth, all I
    would say is you protect your House, car and life with insurance policies
    so why wouldn’t you protect even a little of what you go to work for
    everyday. Don’t invest all you have but there is no harm in 15% to 20% of
    any available cash going on silver. If the currencies fail then it is 99.9%
    guaranteed people will scramble for gold and silver to protect their
    currencies. Values will rise and your 20% will increase more than 5 times
    so giving you more value than your total currency value to start with. But
    1st get debt free and buy food as we know that is more important =) peace 

  26. 25

    Isis Fliir

    Greaaat Video Chris! Keep it up for 2014! look forward to future work.
    appreciate all your efforts. 

  27. 24


    Is now a good time to buy let’s say a two family and rent one side out and
    live in another? It seems like throwing money away renting. Is now a bad
    time to make this move as an investment

  28. 23


    This guy never shuts up, it’s like a constant grating ramble, which can be
    very annoying to some people. He needs to do something else or show
    something else while he’s talking. His voice is just far too grating to
    listen to, for even 5 minutes. I can’t even get through a few minutes and
    he gets annoying sounding.

  29. 22

    Real Picture

    The words of a billionaire ring in my ears every time a situation comes up.
    His words to me were “I pay you too much to talk about the problems…. I
    want to hear solutions.” The words that ring in me ear forever are
    too much to hear about problems.” What’s your solution Christopher.

  30. 21

    Tony Snodgrass


  31. 20

    Brandon Logan

    I agree with you Chris for the most part but ive come to my own conclusion
    as well over the years, we need to rely on ourselves, we need to help
    ourselves before we can help others. I feel as though if you go to school
    do something that involves agricultural for growing your own plants for
    your family and your livestock, learn to make your own self sustaining
    environment, and carpatry to learn how to make your own house and table and
    shelves and overall being the manufacturer of everything in your home to
    truly call it yours and not needing to even sweat it if shit does hit the
    fan. Many forget aswell library’s hold all the same information you pay
    thousands for in an institution just to listen to someone rattle off
    something they inherently read from a book. if anything have as little to
    do with this corptocracy as possible.

  32. 19


    Go look at the dollar index charts or the valuation of the dollar compared
    to gold. Contrary to what you say, the decline of the dollar happened
    BEFORE Obama became president. In fact, the value of the dollar has started
    to return under Obama. I doubt you have ever even looked at the charts.
    You can see that the valuation of dollar droppedin two stages. The first
    drop was from Hoover to Nixon. The second major drop in the valuation of
    the Dollar was from Reagan to Bush, not from Reagan to Obama. The Dollar
    has risen under Obama. Go look at the dollar index or the value of the
    dollar to gold. You will see I’m correct.

  33. 18

    mike tyson

    dam why is it taking so long for the dollar to collapse,i am so tired of

  34. 17

    Ray Sandoval

    Chris what can we do locally here in AZ . Rally? , hold a match?, is there
    a group of like minded people here locally you can hook me up with?

  35. 16

    Mark Horton

    I’m a Brit I haven’t seen stuff like this before. Important issues,
    presented in a very rambling, dull, boring, almost incoherent way. A
    heartfelt personal emotive rant from a head which moves like a pigeon
    trying to peck at the camera. Complaints 9, Emotion 9, Wishes 9, New
    information or views 0, Practical ideas and solutions 0.
    You can do better than this. Pick one or two issues only and offer

  36. 15

    jake legg

    The Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLB),
    Also known as the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999
    It has all been down hill from there.

  37. 14


    you can’t stop people from putting money into speculation as it requires no

  38. 13


    Wake me up when this happens because hearing it for years and nothing
    happens is getting old.

  39. 12


    ~Gold, is for Kings.
    ~Silver, is for Noble Men.
    ~Barter, is for Peasants.
    ~Debt, is for Slaves.

    A Fiat $ Currency, Endless Taxes, and Inflation = Debt, & Debt = Slavery…

    ~Good luck~ 

  40. 11

    Tim Gard

    Anarchy is not a solution. It is horrible. We have already found a solution
    to this problem. It is outlined and well covered in the American
    Constitution. Study the Oath Keepers organization, an organization of
    American men and women who have sworn an oath to the US Constitution, and
    you will see the best solution to this problem. Molon Labe. Then contact
    Oath Keepers and become a solution instead of a problem.

  41. 10


    Hey chris I’m just curious have you read the ‘creature from jeckyl island’.
    The second look at the federal reserve.

  42. 9


    Shit…. Christopher . these people can’t hear you !!

    (my head hurts)

  43. 8


    beware the hyperinflationistas! QE has been going on for how long now and
    all we’ve seen is deflation.

  44. 7


    What I kind of find funny is.. “Hey the dollar is going to collapse, would
    you like to buy a taco rack?”

  45. 6


    You are spot on Chris. You understand.

  46. 5


    LOL it $6 00 a Gallon it Australia mate, bring it on bankrupt America
    hardcore i say.

  47. 3

    Will Hawkins


  48. 2


    Hey Christopher. I’m in Scottsdale. Let’s hook up and talk about 2014


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