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    Thanks for having Jim Rickards on the show. Outstanding reporting!

  2. 49

    Tom Manley

    Wow Greg you were right this was a great interview!

  3. 48
  4. 47


    how come i have a better potato and internet than rickards (͡๏̯͡๏)

  5. 46

    Ray Vahey

    I can’t wait to read the book, thanks for posting this interview

  6. 45

    D Ned

    The next monetary system is going to be the mark of the beast. Accept Jesus
    now, before its too late!

  7. 44

    commonlaw man

    I listen to all these guys but i trust non of them.
    The best you can do is search through the half truths and lies and try to
    build your own conclusion

  8. 43

    Maria Stevenson

    I think I’m going to buy some food and supplies. Not waiting till last
    minute. I think it’s going to worse than depression.

  9. 42


    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Jim Sinclair, Dmitry Orlov and now Jim Rickards all
    relevant guests to the events of recently. For another view from a slightly
    different angle see if you can get Rand Paul on.

  10. 41

    Yabbie Wan

    Honestly I just wish it would hurry up and happen already. This “collapse
    is coming” mantra is growing old. I might have time to write my own book
    about the coming of the coming collapse at this rate! Seems silly not to
    jump on that gravy train.

  11. 40


    Nobody has an opinion I trust more than Rickards. Great interview! I’ve
    been psyched to get the new book, and even more so knowing he’d make the
    interview citcuit!

  12. 39


    Hammering Truth!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. 38

    Laura Smith

    What I find interesting more than anything is the fact that he’s from CT..
    Let’s think about this,, Peter Schiff is from CT and so is Henry Kissinger,
    false flag Sandy Hook took place in CT, a venture to take the guns and
    reports of the homes being bought off,,, so all roads lead to CT..
    interesting,,Thanks Greg maybe some more dots will line up..

  14. 37

    Tommy N

    I wouldn’t believe any of this, but the massive QE is the biggest evidence
    I have that this will occur.

  15. 36

    Mr. Silver 3000

    Wait…maybe the bric (Brazil, Russia, India, china) bank can bailout the
    imf after that…how deep can the rabbit hole go…

  16. 35

    Diane Alden

    NOT to change the subject Greg.. but I warned you about Karen Hudes.. so
    called whisteblower . have you heard her latest interview…. OH BOY . my
    gut told me she was either a plant . tool of the powers that be to make
    those who really have the goods on the new world order look like NUTS ..
    Karen Hudes: A Non-Human Intelligent Species from Earth is Manipulating
    Humanity From the Vatican Karen Hudes: A Non-Human Intelligent Species
    from Earth is Manipulating Humanity From the Vatican

  17. 34

    prospero matthews

    I always find these guys ignoring some of the real world social breakdown
    threats, like externalities to their coined equations. Let us just contend
    with desperate people with no rope left, and wholefoods eating smartphone
    fools, and the stark criminality of the system responsible that will turn
    on said masses with an ugly response. Jim is also half-shill; not only
    talking his book, but the system’s desires.

  18. 33

    Broge Kilrain

    The last time the dollar devalued greatly we did not import that mush. This
    time if it does then consumers will be hit hard as almost all we buy is
    imported. The question is how much will their currency also devalue?

  19. 32


    For me the most alarming comment made here was the ability of Russia (or
    anyone) to be able to hack into and shut down the markets ability to trade.

    If they did it for a day just think how things would go if they did it for
    a week. Blood in the streets.

  20. 31


    Which will be YEARS !!!!!

  21. 30


    Rickards has been wrong about Gold for 2.5 based on what was in Currency
    Wars. He is not Nostradamus

  22. 29


    Ukraine Leader In New Leaked Recording: 8 Million Russians In Ukraine
    “Must Be Killed With Nuclear Weapons”
    “Putin once again shows just how masterful of a chess player he is, is the
    following statement by Tymoshenko, after asked, rhetorically, by her
    counterparty, “what should we do now with the 8 million Russians that
    stayed in Ukraine. They are outcasts”… to which she replies: “They must
    be killed with nuclear weapons.” And just like that Putin has his
    provocation carte blanche – because the second something, anything happens
    to any ethnic Russian in east Ukraine, Putin can point to precisely this
    conversation as proof of how Ukraine’s “government” feel toward the ethnic
    minorities in the east, and why “they deserve to be protected.” Which has
    been precisely Putin’s ploy all along.”ZH…………………….Putin is
    really looking good huummm?

  23. 28


    A good question to ask a lot of your expert guests is, “In the first 5 to
    10 years after the dollar collapses, how many Americans do you think will
    die of famine and violence?”

    It’d be really interesting to hear your guests’ responses.

  24. 27

    Tim Mcgraw

    Ya know, I’ve been hearing about this monetary collapse for years. I saw it
    personally in Belem, Brazil in the summer of 1990 when the Cruzados, or was
    it “Cruzeiros”?, well, both have become worthless since and now Brazil uses
    the “Real”… lol, as if it is a real currency; and there were huge lines
    of people in Belem trying to get their money out of the banks. But they
    were only “allowed” by the govt. to retrieve so much a day, or week, in the
    new devalued currency.

    But that’s Brazil which as DeGaulle said, “Is not a real country.” And I
    can attest to that in all of its glory.

    But America? the Anglo/Saxon/Jewish alliance of world dominance? I don’t
    think they’ll let the money collapse ’cause they’d all go broke.

    How they gonna keep the brown people down if their money collapses?

    Sure, it makes no sense. Well, neither does religion, imo, but people
    believe in those churches and send them money every week.

    Take care, brother,


  25. 26

    Gregory Mannarino

    Excellent! Thank you Greg for bringing us this very important interview.

  26. 25

    The Fish Bowl

    There is no real gold backing your purchase when you buy it on the stock
    market? Worthless?

  27. 24


    Or buy rifles and bullets… They’ll be worth more than gold after a
    collapse… And help you keep what’s yours.

  28. 23


    China vs America. This is a one way battle which inevitably will culminate
    in the downfall of the mighty USA 🙁 Sorry yankees you did well. You
    bought freedom, equality and opportunity. Looking forward to what the next
    great super power in the world will bring.

  29. 22

    Jim Gale

    great video… we moved to a sustainable community in Southern Costa Rica
    called Serenity Gardens Eco Village… check us out on You Tube… we have
    about 2000 fruit trees already planted and lots more
    (-: Jim and Andrea

  30. 21

    Boschtjan Zupanchich

    Sorry, BUT Even Gold Will Get Worthless – Soon after the Food will get
    Expensive , and than later even Extremely Expensive .

  31. 20

    Aubrey De Bliquy

    Clever China! Beats the Monopoly money from the Fed.

  32. 19

    allan pouncher

    yeah , america will become like Africa, ha ha ha, this does not make any

  33. 18

    malcolm campbell

    bored after thirty seconds

  34. 17

    Juda Behur

    The New World Order is only collecting the Gold, for the sole purpose of
    using it in their own personal unground Bunker system, to protect from the
    Radiation of the “Wormwood” – aka Nibru, Planet -X…!

    Note: Gold & Lead are best protection against Radiation.

    They also used “Copper” Lining on the Walls, to protect the Electronics
    from the “EMF” Pulse of the Solar Storm. But their underground bunker
    system is a Mile Deep underground & it took ( 10 ) Years to complete it.

    The future currency with in the form of the ‘RIFID Chip” & everything will
    be by electronic devices & Computers.

    give yourselves a Break, & properly do Research, that took me years to
    figure Out, but mind you ; there is very little time left, before it

    But if that isn’t enough to worried about, World War -2, The Collapse of
    Wall Street, followed up by “Martial Law” come first.

    are you ready & prepared for these upcoming events…!

    The Signs are in front of your Face, can you see it coming…?

    May God Have Mercy On Us.

  35. 16


    Got Karatbars?

  36. 15


    The west stocks condoms cause they love fucking everybody, so watch your

  37. 14


    Chris there not holding it for that reason think of it this way gold can
    get you drones weapons and power now since China is having conflicts with
    Japan (if not in the top 3 countries in the world) and joining sides for
    Russia on Ukraine this is not good.


  38. 13


    Maybe China is deliberately let this news go out in order to generate one
    thing that those U.S. government’s insiders has done during the 9/11 event,

  39. 12


    Well AUD can be Traded against Chain, 😀 Fuck the USD!!!

  40. 11


    This narrator keeps mis-pronouncing, its not Juan, it is the Yuan, with a
    Y….. and Ren Men Bi….
    and the Won is the Korean currency. 

  41. 10

    Brandon G.


  42. 9


    My ass sucks after first minute.

  43. 8


    xbt ftw

    i mean look at thsi duche bag all his wideo is abou telling u waht his
    sponsors tell

    xbt= ftw
    gld slv= for maintaing ur wealth

  44. 7

    Beau Carpenter

    It will never happen. Then who will pay back all the money we borrowed?

  45. 6


    If you are interested in earning some extra money and gold at the same time
    send me a message. 

  46. 5

    Mutu Kotani

    Boring and misinforming.

  47. 4

    nelson kiiru

    Convert most of your cash to Chinese Yuan and then buy lots of gold you
    will be stinking rich 5 years or less guaranteed!

  48. 3

    Jack .Mioff

    DOGECOIN is the BEST Silver To Bit coins New GOLD

  49. 2


    “Precious- metals.”

  50. 1

    Clifton Dawkins

    Seriously, watch this!


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