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    Nice gold! I’m not a gold guy but I’m going to check out some qtr ounce
    gold coins and see what I can learn. I’ve been watching the price of
    silver and I was hoping it would fall a lot further because I’m buying but
    it seems to be stable to rising right now. 

  2. 49


    I’ve held a kilo bar before…. It is the same weight as a kilo of silver,
    however since gold has a higher density it appears much smaller than its
    silver counterpart

  3. 48


    You have a lot of gold my friend. I myself prefer gold over silver like
    you. But I still buy silver. What do you feel is a fair premium for regular
    1/4oz gold eagle. $20 over spot?

  4. 47

    Darren Liu

    Real money everyone can make ,share please.

  5. 46

    Soloman El Dorado

    As a value investor, Gold / precious metals and mining stocks is where the
    value is right now. Ticker symbols IAG has taken a beat down too. ETF
    GDX. I could go on and on.

  6. 45


    @Soloman El Dorado – I picked up a ton of shares in IAG last week. If you
    look at the technicals…Gold is way oversold right now. I loaded up to
    ride the upside…it’s coming!

  7. 44

    Martin Blair

    Inspirational 🙂 

  8. 43


    If someone is Interested in buying Gold , let me know my email is
    buymoregoldpr@gmail.com , CLAIM THE BONUS OF 20% MORE GOLD ENTERING A

  9. 42

    Al May

    Gold is a good investment but I think silver will have a higher return on
    Why Silver Will Be Worth More Than Gold

  10. 41

    Winston Smith

    Beautiful coins indeed!

  11. 40


    I recently got into gold with a small portion of my savings, and one thing
    I can tell you: Bitcoin is just so much easier to store, transport, invest
    in, and pay with. I don’t have anything against gold (like I said, I got
    some for myself recently), but people, cryptocurrencies, most likely
    Bitcoin, are the future of money (which doesn’t mean you can’t have some of
    your savings in good old-fashioned gold coins). Not owning any bitcoins is
    a huge mistake, I believe.

  12. 39

    Timothy Payne

    Hooah!!!! transfer ira to precious metal ira then transferred my currency
    to gold and silver.

  13. 38

    Ribo Ma Yale

    I absolutely agree. I’m a goldhawk too, I own around 2 kilos, and I’m
    hanging in there, no matter what prices say, because gold IS the REAL
    money, as 6000 years of human history prove, its real value goes far beyond
    the dollar price, and will remain stable in years, decades and centuries to

  14. 37

    Bobby Butter

    You will see 400 gold again probably sooner rather than later. Doesn’t
    matter how much money is created through credit now if you believe there
    will be a currency crisis. Look around real unemployment over 30%. What is
    going to happen to the debt? People will simply default effectively
    destroying/neutralizing the majority of the currency, hence deflation. I
    love PMs but in the near term I would hold on to the almighty dollar..Its
    about to have some major purchasing power. That’s the time to buy. Took a
    while for me to figure that out. I l have thousands of oz of silver an
    almost 50 ozs of gold but I am holding out for the major deflation before
    the inflationary storm to buy. I am willing to bet you might even see 100
    an oz gold and 2-3 dollar silver.

  15. 36

    Terrance James

    gold is nice but I need income. 

  16. 35

    Silver Pug

    Is there any reason why you don’t buy gold bars? I’m looking to make my
    first gold purchase.

  17. 34


    Very good points. I like the gold stack there, those 1/4oz look like

  18. 33


    So why not sell the ounces you bought last year in the $1700 range now that
    it is in the 1200 range and write off the loss on your taxes for this
    year,then go out and spend the proceeds on silver which is still low and
    when it gets up in price so as to be less tnan a 60 or so to 1 ratio you
    sell it and buy back the gold? If you do that you profit when gold goes
    down and when silver goes up… what do you think…please answer soon as
    there are only few days left to sell…if it seems like a good plan…i
    would really value your view and not consider it advice but simply your

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    Excellent dialogue! And thank you for the motivation.

  20. 31

    Adam C

    Excellent points. The gold market is huge in India and even in the Arab,
    African and Muslim world in general gold is a must for their weddings and
    without it you can’t marry as the groom must gift the bride with gold. I
    think in the west people are waking up and returning to real money/wealth.
    I saw a documentary about some of the Indian gold smugglers and have to say
    they have some really creative ways of smuggling gold. 

  21. 30


    I like your insight on the future of gold. I would advise those thinking of
    moving assets into gold to first eliminate all credit card debt.
    And while you hold gold keep zero balances on credit cards.

  22. 29

    Christopher Lemieux

    Subprime loans have gained speed. Due to the Fed’s zero rate policy, banks
    are lending to riskier borrowers to turn profit. The housing data collapsed
    in the last 3-4 months. Data out shows investor purchases in housing are at
    22-month lows. If they’re not buying, there’s probably a reason.

    Reason for India’s love of gold is they have crazy inflation and you can
    blow your nose with the rupee.

  23. 28


    Those 10thounce will be worth 1000 if gold hits 10,000. Our debt is so high
    and we printed so much money that raising golds price to a ridiculous price
    then back the USA currency with gold. Reclaim the oil and gold market and
    re-spark USA foreign and domestic mining companies. They can stop the crash
    by going to gold standard but the only way that would work is making golds
    price a ridicules price no one could afford unless you have it and mainly
    used by governments to back their currencies. China made the move already. 

  24. 27

    Mr. Silver 3000

    Lovely message…yes they just found 10M in northern Cali 

  25. 26


    How can a chunk of material have value?
    It does not feed you or make you warm or be useful in any way?
    The industry uses some of it but you have to be in that business to make
    use of it.
    Can someone explain it to me?
    Money in the bank brings you interest gold brings you nothing?

  26. 25

    Bullion King

    Good stuff. Keep stacking guys

  27. 24


    what month and year was this video made?

  28. 23


    One question.. It is obvious that precious metals market is manupulated but
    Karen Hudes says there are 107k gold ( more than official gold reserve on
    earth) at bank of Hawaii which is why gold can not be considered as
    invesment but only insurance. Any comment on that?

  29. 22


    what do you guys think of bitcoin?

  30. 21

    Kyle Ernst

    Get out of debt…notice in the graphs that personal debt contributes to
    the printing of money. If Americans would pay off their debt the money
    supply would necessarily shrink…Might send us into deflation..perhaps but
    we all need to think about paying off debt before buying gold and silver.
    Some may want to consider selling some now near a top just to reduce debt.
    Any debt paid off is a % in your pocket.

  31. 20


    Why are so many of the people in the video old? How old is Mike? 1) Because
    they are wise. 2) Because they are feeling their own impending demise and
    want to have symbolic immortality (we can’t take it with us but we can feel
    like we are going to live forever). Rather than making even more money why
    doesn’t Mike go and buy himself a farm, plant potatoes, and have some
    children? It may be more fun? I must say he looks well (thin) on his
    lifestyle. A veritable teenager. Is he a rich Dad?

  32. 19



  33. 18

    Adrian Hards

    So what do you consider money?

  34. 17
  35. 15

    Siniša Nagradić

    Cash is trash :))

  36. 14

    fuusha 99

    US citizens shld demand their gold back from the FED.

  37. 13


    Yes very interesting video, I understand now why China is trying to buy all
    the gold they can get

  38. 12


    These guys know nothing,farm land, property etc…get a yield on your

  39. 11

    Nigel Ellis

    When is this going to happen? As nearly 4 years after this video, Silver is
    $19, Lots of hype, but gold and silver have been lousy investments for
    nearly 4 years. Since silver hit $50 it’s lost around 60% of it’s value. So
    far MM and RK have been totally wrong about Silver.

  40. 10

    Monex Fraud

    Whatever you do STAY AWAY FROM MONEX!!!! They are scammers and sharks!

  41. 9

    Edward Owens

    All world markets on everything from peanuts to gold bullion are
    manipulated. There is no such things as “fundamentals” in a rigged system.
    Anyone who tells you different is scamming you.

  42. 8

    Mary Johnson

    To the first twenty people to that answer the following question:

    Why is investing in gold of great benefit nowadays?

    Trust Vault will waive the commission fee for buying any precious metals.

    http://www.Trust Vault. com

  43. 7

    Miguel Gonzalez

    Nigel, the price you pay in currency ($£¢€) does not matter as you can
    exchange your hard assets for what the future currency will be, it is
    accepted by all nations rich or poor but you are right to see the facts
    that PM have been a lousy investment. But when you stop looking at Gold and
    Silver as an investment vehicle and more as a store of your wealth you will
    understand the reasoning behind their logic.

  44. 6

    James Anderson

    This is a Great Video on Gold Investing & Silver Investment Fundamentals.


  45. 5

    shaah Hassan

    were can i sale my coin for cash

  46. 4

    John Bird

    I am yet to meet anyone who has made money on Silver, the price needs to
    rise a lot above spot and also take into account VAT and that the price has
    dropped this is Loooooonnnnnnngggggggg!

  47. 3


    are those mysterious stockholders the Congress reps? I always wondered why
    one would spent a crapload of money to get elected. The pay is relatively
    low compared to the cost of campaign. The Prez makes like 200K a year but
    in costs 200 million min to run. So the real money is being part of the
    ponzi scheme.

  48. 2


    this video is pure GOLD :)

  49. 1


    1:00:08 I think this bit of information is either outdated or I’m looking
    at the wrong statement. Looking at the financial statement for 2013, I
    don’t see any mention of the “gold receivables” bit. It now says just plain
    “gold and silver” valued at $11.1 billion. Perhaps they changed it again?


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