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    Jason Lee

    Awesome stuff, I already follow 99% of his advice. All my stocks are
    dividends as well, because of Rockafeller’s quote “the only thing that
    brings me joy in life are my quarterly dividends.”

  2. 49


    kevin is fuking hilarious, love the guy.

  3. 48

    debbie biro

    get your money from your moms

  4. 47

    Kas Modiya

    Kevin … simple smart and as always my Guru :)

  5. 46


    Really great points on the high value of dividends, the hype of capital
    appreciation, importance of cash flow, the phoniness of ‘earnings’, and,
    not putting too much of your worth in anything, even gold – I like the max
    10% rule. Otherwise on gold, we differ. I’m not a billionaire, so, I won’t
    be following the ‘5%’ selling and dip buying rule that has worked for him.
    I can afford to pay a bit more attention than Kevin can. I have to. I
    watch the fundamentals of gold itself, which change over time. Gold’s
    attractiveness in the past decade is directly related to the deleveraging
    of paper assets that is still underway. A given strategy used in the 90’s,
    when gold was still declining into inflation-corrected, depression era
    lows, should have been very different than a strategy in the past decade,
    when it was coming out of those lows and quintupling from ’99 to ’12. There
    are also many changes coming in the next 10 years that will make the
    strategy of the past 10 years in need of revision.

  6. 45


    Kevin I will believe you if you declare a war against accrual accounting
    and try to bring cash based accounting back. As long as you dont do this
    actively you are not honest to me.

  7. 44

    as ad

    oleary is scum. he has 5 shows of propaganda. dont trust a guy who does

  8. 43

    mark s

    You are a retard! You are talking about communism not capitolism!

  9. 42


    hey Kevin push comes to shove GLD is not physical gold

  10. 41

    lee mceachern

    that explains it born in montreal know wonder why he’s such a douchebag lol

  11. 40


    90% of this interview went over my head

  12. 39

    Philip Lebert

    Hey Kevin, hate to break the bad news to you, but your policy of buying
    only dividend paying stocks is bullshit. 18 months ago Netflix was selling
    for $55 and now it is $400+….1 year ago Tesla was $35 and now it is $250.
    None of these stocks pay a dividend.

  13. 38


    One of the best interviews I’ve seen in awhile. Thank you Mr. Wonderful!

  14. 37

    bsox thirtyfour

    this guy is my idol

  15. 36

    silver fox

    love the babe! she is hot.

  16. 35

    Jonathan Tieken

    hm… Thanks for the advice Kevin.

  17. 34

    Silver ByTheOz

    Now those are words of wisdom in ANY market environment. thanks for the
    wise words Kevin!!

  18. 33

    Bob Kemper

    Company’s lie about how much cash they have all the time, You can’t believe
    anything they say! All they really want, is your money! 

  19. 32


    Hey Kevin.. You are one badass rich dude. But dude, you are ugly.

  20. 31


    is it me, or is the woman’s head waaay bigger than kevin o leary’s?

  21. 30


    “Miners will go lower” = Nostradamus!
    Smart guy!
    Mr. Plunderful!

  22. 29

    Pierce Pyrite

    Hah! Yeah, selling that company was huge for O’Leary, but wound up being
    one of the biggest losses ever for Mattel. 

  23. 28


    O’Leary’s mom sounds like a boss.

  24. 27


    What is he contributing to society that makes him deserve his earnings? It
    just seems like he prays on companies of people who actually get shit done.

  25. 26

    The Shamus Of Slots Super Slot Fan Site

    There is some useful information in this video. Thanks for posting.

  26. 25


    bro if you can afford 1750.00 a ounce ok but if not the smaller the better.
    easier to sell man

  27. 24


    Appreciate the interesting facts! Nice to see other people’s stuff. Thanks

  28. 23



  29. 22


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  30. 21


    your facts are not taking into consideration that we now have ways to
    extract gold from… water… Humans recently re-realized methods of
    extracting/filtering water for actual ly gold extraction. This outta drop
    the price per oz really quickly once implementation is underway.

  31. 20


    good stuff, keep stacken. p

  32. 19


    Remember if Gold goes way up, so does the cost of a car/home etc. So 1oz.
    may be $5000 but a cup of coffee could be $100. No way to tell, but
    preparing for different scenarios is wise.

  33. 18

    Amar Sohal

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  34. 17


    ‘4 swimming pools full’, huh? .. that’s a myth, complete BS.. lol hv a
    sharp look around. GC is pervasive. and its scarcity is on a ‘relative’
    basis;, still, it is wht it is and a legitimate store of wealth. Peace.

  35. 16

    bullock cristopher p

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  36. 15


    If you check again, I think you’ll find that there is about 24 grams (3/4
    ounce) of gold per person on the planet.

  37. 14


    I forgot to add very nice video and informative

  38. 13


    i would only invest in silver it has far more uses like industrial medical
    numismatics jewelry ect gold is pretty much just horded it has some uses
    but not nearly as much as silver

  39. 12


    Gold and Silver to the moon!!!!!!!

  40. 11


    The methods used to extract gold out of water is infantile at best. There
    is more gold under water than people would think possible, but it would
    take years for mankind to polish the extraction method. Even if gold is
    suddenly more abundant, central banks have been investing in gold pretty
    heavily and like diamonds, the price and flow of supply can be manipulated.
    There’s no way that central banks across the globe will lay down and take a
    loss of potentially billions of dollarss spent in gld

  41. 10

    silver john

    you still stacking bum project?

  42. 9


    Hey Mark, it’s been a while! I’ve studied the Anunaki theories quite a bit,
    and it’s very interesting.. supposedly the earth is going to cross paths
    with planet x or nibiru shortly, and we are going to have an all out war,
    lol.. many people are tying all this back to the bible as well as the
    reptilian theories, at the very least, it is super interesting! Good to
    hear from you!

  43. 8


    thanks and ditto

  44. 7

    Ian Smith

    man i want some gold in my life!

  45. 6


    I disagree that the best way to invest in gold is through bullion coins.
    As the video points out, you have to be careful not to get involved with
    crooks, and if you are buying online, or even if you are in a store, pawn
    shop or whatever, it’s impossible to know what you are getting, or how to
    determine if you’ve been cheated. Also, bullion coins are tied to the
    price of gold, and will never have value to a coin collector, and thus are
    a play on the gold price only.

    I’ve found that with a little study, one can buy, for example, US gold
    coins from the 1800’s, which not only have the value of the weight in gold
    but also collector value. The same is true for European issues. For US
    coins, you can get the latest edition of the ‘guidebook of US coins’, which
    gives you the latest data on the value of various issues, both silver and
    gold, as well as base metal (copper, nickel, etc.) coinage from the early
    days of the US. Collector value will increase as these coins become more
    and more scarce, even if the price of gold stays the same or drops. If you
    are up to date on the current value of a particular coin, you will know
    when it is a bargain and when it is not in the bidding process, for
    example. Set your price and if you are outbid, then the other guy has paid
    too much. The best time to buy gold is when the price is at the point
    where it is not economical to mine it. The mines will halt production, and
    wait for the price to rise to a level where they can make enough money to
    be worthwhile. Meantime, one can acquire gold at the best prices. Keep in
    mind that there are all sorts of reasons why a given coin is or is not as
    valuable as you think. For example, collectors of old issue gold coins
    will not pay a premium over spot for coins that have been polished or have
    been used in jewelry. It is best to ask, if you are bidding on an old gold
    coin online, whether it has been cleaned or dipped. If it has, then its
    value goes to the weight of gold alone, as it has no collector premium.

    As far as bullion coins, or recently minted commemoratives, I avoid them
    because they have no collector premium, and so the best you can hope for is
    that the price when you want to sell is higher than when you bought,
    whereas a collector coin, being scarce, may well bring a nice premium from
    a collector that wants to complete his collection.

    Ancient coins are, I think, fun to study, and are rare and unique. I don’t
    buy them hoping for profit, but just because they are a couple thousand
    years old and are the first metal coins known. Check out CNG coins.

  46. 5

    Riko Chet

    Very useful video. Those numbers you cited at the beginning are nothing
    short of staggering, and it sounds like precious metals is the way to go!

  47. 4


    Nice collection. Did your collection grow since last year?

  48. 3


    well done video with good information

  49. 2

    pac razzy

    opinion in a 100gram bar?

  50. 1

    Alex Robic

    I Need to buy some gold.


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